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What’s the best UK Christmas 2019 advert?

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Halloween is over, Bonfire night has gone with a bang… and the supermarkets having been stocking up with Christmas goodies since late July 😂 but now we can all officially get in to the Christmas spirit because the John Lewis Christmas advert has launched today!

We give a round-up of the best Christmas adverts for 2019 and yes John Lewis 2019 does feature. So pop on a festive pullie, jingle your bells and dust off your baubles… Christmas is here!

Mulberry’s pick of the festive adverts in descending order…

10&9 M&S

Marks & Spencers give not just one but two adverts for Christmas one covering their food offering the other for clothes. Both adverts are… fine. If they had been produced for say Iceland they might even have crept up to a higher position but unfortunately these big budget productions are just NOT ON BRAND!

The choice of celebrity endorsement is just wrong for such a premium quintessentially British brand. We all know that M&S products are not the cheapest on the market… indeed their food is probably the most expensive unless you count the like of Harrods! So perhaps the likes of Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry might have been better choices of celebrities?

8 Iceland

This advert is not bad and is obviously pitched at the Frozen obsessed young family. This is probably Iceland’s core market and it makes good business sense to hook up with a major film (John Lewis did this last year with Elton John coinciding with the release of Rocketman). However it does feel a bit unimaginative and lacks that classic traditional Christmas vibe.

7 Sainsbury’s

This is a big production affair… but it just misses the mark for us. The idea is a bit weak and the story is poorly told. With a little better writing and a bit more made of Christmas magic and perhaps just a level up on the acting this could have been so much better.

6 Aldi

This is a great little Christmas advert except it feels like it could have been made 10 years ago…

5 Barbour

This is proper Christmas and only loses out slightly because Barbour have been going with variations on this idea for the last 4 years.

4 Argos

This is a sweet advert, totally on brand and a lovely idea. Great effort Argos!

3 Walkers

This was a very popular advert in the office. The injection of humour at a time when we’re struggling as a nation to see the funny side of anything is the perfect balm to bloomin’ Brexit! And let’s face it Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a little Mariah. Thanks Walkers x

2 John Lewis

It’s a beautiful advert and so nearly made our top spot… but someone else just pipped it at the post! As you’d expect from JL, this is charming, funny and heartwarming. If my three year old was in charge she would have probably give it the Christmas crown. She would definitely want her own Excitable Edgar! The cinematography is exceptional and the design of Edgar truly delightful. Well done John Lewis you didn’t disappoint. x

1 Asda

The surprise entry for 2019! BUT it deservedly takes the top spot.  One member of team Mulberry (who shall remain nameless) had to take a moment to compose themselves after watching it. Full of proper Christmas magic and a bit of a tear-jerker too. Well done Asda – a real Christmas treat!

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