We need to talk about Will…

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Let me share this little tip that I was lucky enough to receive from a friend… ­

You can remove ‘Will’ from virtually all marketing and it’s suddenly snappier, more assertive and more present. Let me show you…


“RCS Affiliate membership will support you throughout your training.”

Change to

“RCS Affiliate membership supports you throughout your training.”


The RCS new online CPD tool will help support you throughout your career path

Change to

The RCS new online CPD tool supports you throughout your career path


Once you enter our competition you will be in with a chance to WIN an amazing NEW iPad mini.

Change to

Enter our competition and you’ve a chance to WIN an amazing NEW iPad mini.


You see the trouble with ‘Will’ is that he implies an indeterminate time in the future, he’s just that little bit vague. Once you get rid of him you are subtly leading the reader to believe they have already engaged with you, that this is all happening right now.

So fire Will, free Will, take away his weak-willed approach – and you might just find your marketing copy content is that little more punchy, positive and believable.


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