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So you want an insider secret?

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Well I suppose I did promise regular copywriting tips didn’t I? So here’s a little tip just for you.

You are practising your copywriting skills every time you post on social media! The reason I say this, is because we all know that when we tweet we are severely limited by the character count. BUT we always manage to get across our opinion.

Try applying these restrictions on your marketing copy to ensure you’re getting to the point swiftly and concisely. Keep sentences short. Use paragraphs to break up copy, so your reader isn’t overwhelmed by a huge wodge of text, that looks like it’s going to take hours to disseminate.

If you want a little inspiration for amazingly powerful short copy then take a look at the increasing rise of Twitter fiction. I would argue the king of the very short story is still the eminently powerful lines of Hemingway:

“Baby Shoes. For sale. Never Worn.”

If you want to see more simply search:


I particularly liked this gem from Carl (@CarlBurkitt)

“As Tommy bent down on one knee, Lilly smiled; relieved she’d never have to tie her son’s laces again”

In our next copywriting tip I will be tackling how to make your content resonate more with your target audience.

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