Mulberry does GBBF 2017!

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CAMRA’s Membership Recruitment campaign at the Great British Beer Festival 2017

Membership Marketing            

Some of Mulberry’s exhibition banners

We were so pleased that ‘new’ Mulberry’s (see more about that here…) first new win of 2017 was CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale). We’ve been busy bees creating a recruitment marketing campaign to boost membership for them!


Mulberry take on GBBF

Kathy, Claire and Kevin at GBBF 2017

Our campaign puts members at the forefront representing CAMRA’s diverse, friendly and sociable attributes as well as quashing inaccurate perceptions that it is a white, middle aged, male dominated club. Take a look at more of our work for CAMRA here >

The Great British Beer festival saw a culmination of all our hard work and was a fantastic day out for team Mulberry. It’s always fab to see our designs in the flesh (as it were) and with the accompaniment of a great pint too what more could you ask for!

Membership marketing at GBBF

Well we’re very pleased to announce that CAMRA are so pleased with our work they’ve tasked us with designing the whole of GBBF 2018! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!