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Happy 1st Birthday little lockdown boy!

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Wow! What a year. It’s difficult to know where to start. I can’t quite believe it’s a year since that strange 24hours in hospital, and yet I have a little boy who is now taking his first proper steps and working on his own communication skills.

He’s grown so much in the 12months. There are still family members he is yet to meet, and unfortunately there will be no big family gathering to mark his first year on planet earth – BUT, we can now tentatively start planning a gathering of uncles and aunts and close friends to meet our little boy, in May when (everything crossed now) the restrictions are further lifted.

Much has been made in the media about how hard it has been for pregnant and new mothers during the pandemic. And whilst that is undoubtedly true, I’d like to thank the pandemic for some real unexpected bonuses that giving birth at the peak of the first wave gave me…

  1. A very short hospital stay – (Compared to almost 2 weeks first time around). The staff understandably didn’t want anyone staying any longer than was absolutely necessary, so I was out the next day.
  2. Endless paternity leave – Hubby was working from home, so we had much more time together and it gave him an amazing understanding of newborn life! 😂 In all seriousness though, it means he has the most incredible bond with our little one.
  3. Home schooling – Okay I don’t know anyone who enjoyed this (including me) BUT having big sis at home meant she also had to bond with baby  pretty quickly. He was her only ‘child’ pal for ages and it’s brought them so close together. They’re already running rings around us!
  4. Working from home – My maternity leave was very odd if I’m honest. The business needed constant attention. However now (when maternity leave would be well and truly over) I can still spend precocious time with our kids (taking and picking them up from school and nursery). My working hours are much more flexible and without the daily commute I can use my time much better.
  5. Small mercies – COVID has really made us all appreciate what we had – and yearn for those small pleasures; a coffee in a cafe, a night out with the girls, live music, art galleries, theatre, cinema. It has also made us discover new ways to connect with friends, family, and work mates. Much as Zoom and the like could be problematic, in many ways its convenience has meant we connect more often with our clients and more efficiently. It’s been so lovely to talk with you all and have that human connection, when in so many ways we feel so cut off from so much. Smaller online businesses have also provided little pockets of joy. Letterbox gifts are such a delightful arrival and are so much fun to send. I shall definitely be using these services more and more in the future.

So all in all there is much to be thankful for… now, where’s the cake!


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