Easter adverts 2017 – the eggsellent and the eggscrucitating!

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Before I started looking at the Easter adverts of this year, I had a look back at 2016’s offering – Asda (if you remember) had a giant chocolate chicken roaming around… This year the offerings seem far more mundane – yet controversy reigned!

It would seem that the exclusion of the word ‘Easter’ has many people in a tiz… Cadbury and the National Trust refer to their event as an ‘Egg Hunt’ not ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ and this has upset the Prime Minister greatly! As a copywriter my interest is always piqued by the use or exclusion of words causing violent reactions – BUT, is Ms May right to be so offended? Are the Eggs at Easter Christian?

It would appear that Egg decorating as a celebration to welcome spring certainly pre-dates Christianity, with many cultures choosing them as a symbol of life, fertility and re-birth… and certainly the Easter Bunny seems to have very little to do with Jesus – the hoppity one appears to have originated in Pennsylvania when German immigrants settled in the 1700s and brought with them their Osterhase.

Anyway enough deep philosophical discussion… here’s 2017’s Easter ads… What do you think?