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  1. Nicholas Bonner’s amazing book on graphics from everyday life in The DPRK

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    Graphics From Everyday Life in the DPRK

    I’m a sucker for a good book, I’ve never got the hang of Kindle or any kind of reading on tablet form, but show me a beautifully designed book cover and my knees go weak!


    It’s no surprise then that Nicholas Bonner’s ‘ Made in Korea’ caught my eye. The book is filled with the distinctive graphic style of this fascinating and contentious country.


    Delve through the pages here >



  2. Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition

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    We’re always looking for an excuse to head into town and the Design Museum offers the perfect reason for anyone interested in living an aesthetically pleasing life. This month it hosts the 10th Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition, bringing together over 60 global projects across six categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Graphics, Product and Transport – featuring film, virtual reality, audio and objects representing the breadth and variety of this year’s designs.

    Visit the Design Museum from 18th October

    Nominated by renowned academics, critics and designers, each project has been recognised for its outstanding contribution to design that has captured the spirit of the times. The public vote will be open online from 18 October 2017 and a jury of industry experts will decide on the award winners in January 2018.

    Find out more here >


  3. Motion graphics to make the mind BOGGLE!

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    Wandering around the internet I came across the incredible work from artist Esteban Diácono. This motion graphic artist puts a fantastical surrealist spin on his work.

    I’m particularly fascinated by the work displayed on his Instagram page and I find the rubber face work mesmerizing…

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    But there are plenty of unusual videos to choose from…

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  4. Mulberry does GBBF 2017!

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    CAMRA’s Membership Recruitment campaign at the Great British Beer Festival 2017

    Membership Marketing            

    Some of Mulberry’s exhibition banners

    We were so pleased that ‘new’ Mulberry’s (see more about that here…) first new win of 2017 was CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale). We’ve been busy bees creating a recruitment marketing campaign to boost membership for them!


    Mulberry take on GBBF

    Kathy, Claire and Kevin at GBBF 2017

    Our campaign puts members at the forefront representing CAMRA’s diverse, friendly and sociable attributes as well as quashing inaccurate perceptions that it is a white, middle aged, male dominated club. Take a look at more of our work for CAMRA here >

    The Great British Beer festival saw a culmination of all our hard work and was a fantastic day out for team Mulberry. It’s always fab to see our designs in the flesh (as it were) and with the accompaniment of a great pint too what more could you ask for!

    Membership marketing at GBBF

    Well we’re very pleased to announce that CAMRA are so pleased with our work they’ve tasked us with designing the whole of GBBF 2018! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

  5. You can rely on Vogue to give you unrealistic Easter Egg goals…

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    Okay so we’re never going to actually buy any of these gorgeous works of art – let alone eat them… but we do love beautifully designed things …and if you combine beautiful design with chocolate, it’s fair to say you have our undivided attention! (thanks Vogue for bringing these beauties to our attention).


    So first up is Bulgari Hotel’s Nest Egg we thought we’d ease you in gently this egg only costs £26! According to Bulgari it’s “…handcrafted with 66% cacao dark chocolate made from Trinitario beans from the Caribbean islands, and is encased in a luxurious red velvet coating. Framed by delicate feather-like dark chocolate and golden chocolate ribbons, the egg sits upon a base of solid white chocolate and chocolate chips, resting on an intricate nest of dark chocolate.”


    Bulgari Hotel Nest Egg

    At £49.50 this has got to be the most expensive avocado on the choc-a-block! Melt London‘s Dark Chocolate Avocado Egg claims to be healthy! WHAT?!? they say…

    “Beauty on the inside! The Limited Edition Chocolate Avocado Egg does not only looks super delicious, but it ticks all the boxes in terms of healthy eating too. The dark chocolate shell is filled with fabulous dark chocolate mini eggs topped with  bee pollen, almond nibs, cacao nibs, goji berries and quinoa. Hand made in our Holland Park kitchen by our team of skilled chocolatiers. Medium Chocolate Egg – Boxed in a beautiful green gift box. We don’t want to overload you with plastic packaging this Easter – only recyclable and useful packing is our mantra!”


    Melt London's Avocado Egg



    Okay so now we move into slightly more ridiculous territory with Harrods’ Easter offering coming in at £350.00! Yes, you read that right…


    They are quite beautiful though… Harrods says

    “Artist Camille Walala has partnered with Harrods to elevate the humble Easter egg to striking new levels. Creating three exclusive patterns, her vibrant prints have been translated onto Easter eggs, each one hand-painted by an artisan chocolatier. The eggs are made using 41% milk couverture – an exclusive blend created by Harrods pastry chefs in a Parisian chocolate laboratory.

    Originally from France and now based in East London, Camille has a distinctive design aesthetic. “My style is bright, bold and graphic,” she explains, “I am influenced by Memphis design from the ‘80s; I love the element of playfulness in the original group’s work. I also love the work of the Ndebele tribe from South Africa where the women paint their houses with powerful and colourful patterns.”

    There are only 12 eggs available…

    Camille Walala Easter Eggs at Harrods


    Next up is Pierre Herme’s Oeuf Tagli Jaune, which now seems perfectly reasonable (compared to Harrods) as this egg is just €130.00 (don’t ask us to convert this to pounds sterling – we have no idea how much it is since Brexit!). This egg is described as…

    “Pure Origin Belizean dark chocolate, Cayo District, Xibun Plantation, 64% cocoa. An assortment of Bonbons Chocolat d’après Lucio Fontana (210g) is included: Pure Origin Belizean dark chocolate ganache, Cayo District, Xibun Plantation, enrobed in dark chocolate.”




    Pierre Herme's Oeuf Tagli Jaune


    Finally we have…

    “Maison milk chocolate figurine with a white chocolate fan – An assortment of intriguing miniature Easter eggs made from four different types of praline: white chocolate pistachio, milk chocolate hazelnut, white chocolate almond, milk chocolate nougat.”

    This is ‘The Hand Fan Doll’ by Pierre Marcolini and will set you back £75…

    Pierre Marcolini's Easter Egg






  6. Easter adverts 2017 – the eggsellent and the eggscrucitating!

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    Before I started looking at the Easter adverts of this year, I had a look back at 2016’s offering – Asda (if you remember) had a giant chocolate chicken roaming around… This year the offerings seem far more mundane – yet controversy reigned!

    It would seem that the exclusion of the word ‘Easter’ has many people in a tiz… Cadbury and the National Trust refer to their event as an ‘Egg Hunt’ not ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ and this has upset the Prime Minister greatly! As a copywriter my interest is always piqued by the use or exclusion of words causing violent reactions – BUT, is Ms May right to be so offended? Are the Eggs at Easter Christian?

    It would appear that Egg decorating as a celebration to welcome spring certainly pre-dates Christianity, with many cultures choosing them as a symbol of life, fertility and re-birth… and certainly the Easter Bunny seems to have very little to do with Jesus – the hoppity one appears to have originated in Pennsylvania when German immigrants settled in the 1700s and brought with them their Osterhase.

    Anyway enough deep philosophical discussion… here’s 2017’s Easter ads… What do you think?

  7. Porcupine pigs-out on pumpkin!

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    Just because we love a little alliteration here… and it’s festively themed. Who knew porcupines were so palaverous. I wonder if this prickly pet is pontificating over the palatable, peculiarities of the pumpkin.

  8. Virtual Reality and Advertising

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    The New York Times created its own Virtual Reality App, putting viewers right at the heart of news events across the globe. The app launch saw the newspaper distribute more than 1m Google Cardboard headsets, giving some indication as to the move VR is making into the mass market.


    The anticipated surge has thrown the medium into sharp relief for marketers, with many busy pencilling VR into their 2016 budgets. General Electric (GE), one of the early adopters, has been experimenting with VR for a year, and launched a VR animated video on the New York Times app. GE’s global chief marketing officer Linda Boff, believes VR has the potential to revolutionise marketing. “For the brand and user the intimacy of VR is really dramatic,” she says. “It’s a tool to tell a powerful story in a way that’s much more personal and up close than we’d normally be able to.”

    However, advertisers need to tread carefully. Because of its immersive nature, consumers will be much less forgiving of a bad VR ad than they would of a poorly made TV commercial. “Watching badly conceived VR can make you feel sick for the rest of the day,” says Patrick Milling Smith, co-founder of, the VR company behind Apple’s recent VR music video for U2. Milling Smith is keen to stress that VR does not operate like any other medium. “VR is as different to film as film is to radio … It’s a different storytelling language,” he says. “There needs to be restraint in VR. You can’t just slap a logo on a piece of branding.”


    Read the full article in the Guardian

  9. Easter 2016 adverts

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    We’ve got a couple of fab Easter adverts to put you in the mood for this weekend!